Thursday, 31 May 2012

Google Map API key genaration in ubuntu

To the generation of the Google Map API,we first find out where is our java files are stored in ubuntu.In most cases the java files should be in the File System.

Here giving commands to get the Google API using terminal.

:~$ cd /
:~$ cd user
:~$ cd lib
:~$ cd jvm
:~$ cd java-6-openjdk
:~$ cd bin
then we want to get the keystore.To get the android default debug keystore:

eclipse->windows->preferences->Android ->Build, then copy the  default debug keystore.

eg: /home/anna/.android/debug.keystore \

:~$ keytool -list -alias androiddebugkey \-keystore /home/anna/.android/debug.keystore \
> -storepass android -keypass android

Then we will get an MD5 encrypted key.Copy that key,example(36:EF:BD:0C:1B:7F:7B:06:F9:34:90:A7:8E:83:34:28).
Then take the following link:
Then agree the teams and conditions to generate key.

then copy the given example xml layout to your application.



  1. Nice....Thanks for your tutorial.....
    But I have problem, my Fingerprint code is (SHA1) not (MD5), and when I will run in, the result is not valid,
    Could you help me....Thanks

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  3. Thank u for your tutorial. It is generated fine!!!

  4. not so much good, as i cant find out command prompt in ubuntu, so how can i generate my api code?